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In-House Roundup #15: decision trees, scaling legal, and 7 steps to moving in-house

Outsource or in-house? A quick decision tree to help you decide 
We hear from lots of GCs and legal teams who’d like to have a clear process for team members to determine which matters work should be outsourced and which should be kept in-house…  

So we got a couple of GC friends to put together a basic framework for this decision making process (We’d love to hear your feedback on it!)

Practical Advice for New In-House Counsel
If you are an outside counsel moving in-house, here are six principles from Corporate Counsel that will help you balance your primary role as a lawyer with your larger role as a business executive.

Tech GCs: How to track and scale legal in one spreadsheet
In-house lawyers getting to grips with legal operations know they need to be data-driven. But where should they start? This week our friends at Juro asked legal experts in the tech sector to share what goes in their all-seeing spreadsheets…

The 60 second interview: Simon Coles, Capital on Tap
This week, The Lawyer spoke to Simon Coles, general counsel at Capital on Tap, about the challenge of managing his time as sole counsel, collaborating with the wider business and what he’s most excited about in the fintech space.

7 steps to your general counsel move
Dana Denis-Smith, CEO of Obelisk Support and TedX speaker, took to LinkedIn this week to outline her thoughts around making the move in-house and how to ultimately make your way to the GC role. 




What is Lexoo?

Lexoo is a tech-driven legal services provider offering forward-thinking in-house legal teams the most transparent, efficient and cost-effective way to engage quality external counsel.

We have built a global network of quality lawyers with BigLaw and in-house experience now working in a leaner, lower overhead environment. By tendering work through our online platform, in-house teams can move more quickly and make significant savings versus the traditional firms.

We help GCs at some of the world’s pre-eminent companies like eBay, Vodafone and Stripe to deliver more value to their business whilst reducing legal spend.

You can read more about us here:



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