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Lawyer in the Spotlight: Kerem Alev

Our Lawyer in the Spotlight blogs are an opportunity to showcase the fantastic lawyers in our Legal Network and the incredible work they do for our clients, every day.

Kerem Alev is an experienced litigation solicitor specialising in commercial and property litigation disputes and has represented clients in over 400 trials and hearings.

He is a Senior Solicitor at The Brooke Consultancy, a forward-thinking and innovative firm that has abandoned the traditional partnership model and leverage tech to increase their efficiency and deliver better services to their client.

1. What’s the best thing about being part of Lexoo’s legal network?

Lexoo has a massive legal network. It is always increasing in size and always innovating. It is powerful for networking and marketing and ideal for someone like me who has the task of juggling the actual legal work and the networking required to generate work at the same time. 

Also, I have met and worked for many technology clients through Lexoo. It can be a difficult market to break. Lexoo has enabled me to work with several clients in the Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software and Information Technology sectors which I enjoy as I have a personal interest in them having recently completed a related part-time Masters and hope to develop my knowledge through further education.

2. What type of work do you do for clients from Lexoo?

A broad range of litigation covering corporate, commercial, insolvency and some debt recovery. For example, I have advised several clients on Lexoo on disputes relating to exiting co-founders/shareholders. I recently assisted a client based in the UK in resolving a claim for damages under a share purchase agreements against listed software company in the Far East.

3. What’s your legal background and how does it help you do what you do now?

I am a Solicitor with over seven years of post-qualified experience and have also been called to the Bar. I have civil higher rights of audience which means I can attend all the courts of England & Wales and in the last five years I have represented my clients in over 400 trials and hearings in courts from County Court level up to and including the Supreme Court. 

My experience gives me an edge over most litigators. Where most lawyers are relying on support from counsel for advice, I truly understand what will be successful (and unsuccessful) in front of the decision-makers and use this to provide the client with a realistic position. My approach also helps reduce the costs of litigation as I am not always looking for support from counsel. 

Also, my background in IT has been especially valuable when working with tech clients as I am more prepared to understand their business and therefore support their legal needs with a commercial edge.

4. What are the challenging and most rewarding aspects of your day-to-day work?

There are many uncertainties with litigation. Parties are warring against each other to persuade a decision maker that their position is correct.  Managing the uncertainty and reacting to developments during the course of litigation can be challenging, but I love taking on challenges and overcoming them.

5.  Have you adopted any legal tech to support your work?

Yes, absolutely – we have adopted a number of applications to increase our efficiency. Our tech stack includes a system that assists us with our Anti Money Laundering Searches (which we are required to do of all clients) and a case management system which automatically collects and stores all client matter information into client-specific electronic files.

Case management software is essential if you are a busy practitioner. When you’re receiving so many forms of communications every day, you really need to automate the sorting and organisation of communications and documents.

Further, I use an application which assists me in creating electronic bundles for hearings and trials. Therefore I don’t need to spend many endless hours creating and checking a hardcopy master bundle. I can create it electronically within 30 minutes and get an index generated automatically – plus I don’t even have to be in the office! I am always on the lookout for technology we can use to make our practice more efficient provided its safe, adds value and remains affordable.

6. How does being part of the Lexoo network enable you to run your own firm?

Lexoo has been a massive disruptor of the legal market. Their services have enabled me to meet and act for clients I wouldn’t have otherwise been considered for unless I was working with a large law firm. Lexoo has connected me to great clients who see the value of the expertise and knowledge of small firms while avoiding the sky-high fees of large firms. 

7. How would you describe your firm’s culture?

We are forward-thinking and friendly. We have scrapped the traditional partnership model and challenge those who uphold it. We believe that the model enables those averse to innovation to continue holding their position. 

We have a private office within a WeWork, and we are free to wear what we want (although I still wear a suit when I see any client). We are open to working remotely as we have the necessary systems to do so and we look to utilise technology wherever possible.

8. What do you hope the next 5 years will bring in the legal profession?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority recently introduced new regulations that allow solicitors to work outside of the traditional model, and work as freelance solicitors. It is still a relatively new idea and I like that it allows solicitors from all ages and divisions to take control of their careers, do what they love doing and to have greater control over whom and how they deliver those services. 



If you’d be interested in working with Kerem, you can reach out directly here.

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