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The countdown to Legal Geek

Legal Geek 2019 is nearly here

Everyone at Lexoo is excited to share our love of all things LegalTech at the year’s best legal tech event, the Legal Geek Conference on the 16th of October!

What was once a conversation of what “could be” in LegalTech has evolved into a celebration of the progress in this sphere and an incredible opportunity for attendees to find current and actionable advice to improve their functions, be it in an in-house legal team, law firm, or startup.

So, what have we got in store this year?

As more and more legal teams start operating like businesses within a business, there are many ways to improve their processes that stretch beyond tech. This year, our CEO DVB will make this the focus of his talk, describing the biggest mistakes he made as the CEO of Lexoo and how they were rectified, whilst providing some practical take-aways for GCs and in-house teams about prioritisation frameworks, customer development, and continuous improvement.

  1. Not having a prioritisation framework (how abbreviations like OKR and ICE can make decision-making a breeze)
  2. Not having a process for continuous improvement (finding your path to making every project and process better every time)
  3. Not talking to clients enough (find out where your internal stakeholders’ bugbears are so you can be delighting them more often)

We’ll also be showing you a live demo of the Lexoo platform in action at the Law Society Stage between 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Come visit us!

You can find us on the second floor – you can’t miss us, we’ll be right beside the food!
We’ll also have a demo stand on the first floor in case you miss our live demo in the morning.

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