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Why legal teams can save 30% with better project management

Think about the last time you took on a legal project that was cross-border or involved several lawyers and what it cost to have that work completed…

Did you know that roughly 30% of the work you were billed for could have been automated with tech and better process?

McKinsey Global Institute’s report on workforce automation found that in around 60% of occupations, automation can reduce at least one-third of the constituent activities.

So, why should law be any different?

To put it bluntly, traditional law firms have no incentive to change this; no incentive to learn about (or develop) new technology, or implement processes that will save everyone time, because the more time spent on a project, the greater the billable hours.

It’s no secret that at Lexoo we’re always looking to improve: the legal industry, the tech we use, our internal processes. Everything about what we’re doing is an iterative work in progress, and fundamentally, this also applies to the way our lawyers work, too. 

For the past 6 months, Lexoo has been conducting customer development interviews with our clients to understand the pain points regularly experienced by general counsels. Time and time again, two particular points have come up:

GCs want

  1. to accelerate commercial progress, and
  2. to have predictable costs that demonstrate efficiency.


The solution

With Lexoo’s Managed Projects, we know that better processes lead to better outcomes in both efficiency and speed. Our idea of “better process” is built on a foundation of well-scoped briefs, supported by technology and automation wherever possible.

Lexoo Project Managers act as a single point-of-contact to brief lawyers, ensure work for each phase is delivered on time, report on project progress, and be on call for any issues that may arise.

Additionally, when Lexoo delivers multi-jurisdictional projects, we provide our clients with a customised Managed Project webpage, which is regularly updated and always accessible to receive real-time updates.

If you’re interested in speaking to us about how Lexoo can use experienced Project Managers to keep tasks and legal spend on-track for your next project, get in touch.

You can contact our team about managed projects at:

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