How women in Law are using Lexoo to grow their practices in 2020

There are more opportunities than ever for lawyers exiting big, city firms to seek out opportunities for self-employment, roles at boutique firms or with LegalTech providers, like Lexoo. Lifestyle factors like child-rearing responsibilities or other caregiving roles are also driving this push for different ways of practising.

Most Lexoo lawyers have fled city firm jobs, choosing to work with Lexoo’s clients, such as in-house legal teams requiring bespoke advice or on longer term projects, instead. Our platform enables male and female lawyers around the globe to work flexibly and generate a stellar client base.

We’re proud that nearly 40% of our UK-based lawyers are women, and are particularly excited that the 2020 Women in Law Awards has recognised their excellence in its nominations. Congratulations to Hannah Beko and Edyta Knizewska, and all the impressive nominees!

Both Hannah and Edyta decided to take a different approach to the conventional career path of a lawyer; Hannah transitioned from a traditional law firm into self-employment, and Edyta has built her own firm. Being Lexoo lawyers enables them to power their businesses and supplement their client base. 

Through Lexoo, Hannah controls her workflow, selecting how much work she wants, and when. This enables her to spend more time with her family while simultaneously growing her second business, coaching lawyers on wellbeing and business development.

Hannah, a Women of the Year nominee, recommends Lexoo particularly for those that want to build up their caseload with a broad range of clients. She particularly emphasises that Lexoo is great for parents who may not be as able to network traditionally, or those who don’t like being loud on social media.

Edyta’s nomination was as a rising star for her entrepreneurial spirit in the Women in Law Awards. She values the freedom of building her firm, on an independent timeline, something that Lexoo has facilitated. Clearly, this isn’t without significant discipline, and Edyta says that she can now do her work more efficiently in fewer hours.

Lexoo has connected her with high-calibre clients, enabling her to have worldwide exposure. Edyta really adores the technological innovation that this brings.

Here at Lexoo, we’re proud to be a part of the new guard pushing the boundaries of how law is practised. It’s particularly exciting that women lawyers choosing a divergent pathway are recognised for their skills and expertise in their practice areas.

These stories are not unique to female Lexoo lawyers, as the platform provides a space for men and women seeking an alternative way of working in the legal profession. 

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